SXSW - South by Southwest 10th Web Awards Winner - Best CSS

The 'tables' category

Modular People

A fast return into the old nested table layout. Modular People plays for me the ideal horizontal way: a low quantity of text and a big images. Interesting are the vertical menu -tall as the page- at the end/right of the site, with internal links that carry to the sections; these are composed by a […]

Blue Vertigo’s Resources

A very long collection of interesting web design resources, subvided in chapters. The code (composed by frames, table layout, not standard list) must be traduct from scratch in XHTML + CSS, but the alternation of titles and lists, that are disposed in multi-colums way, is interesting as the fixed footer for the site menu and […]

Flight To

Chris Guest had the good idea to use an horizontal web page to dispose his original art work composed by a long series of images placed side by side, putting a long description of the project under them. This text is divided in equally small paragraphs inserted in colums with also equally height and width: […]

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