SXSW - South by Southwest 10th Web Awards Winner - Best CSS

The 'flash' category


The flash website of the Provincia petrolifera de Urucu is organized in nine section that can be scrolled with a menu on the bottom-right on the movie, and with two arrows that carry to the previous and next one. In every section the text content is displayed ian about 360×250 space (with a vertical scrollbar […]


The content of Wolfmother (australian rock band) flash site is placed in a long semi-transparent strip -about 400px tall-where there isn’t empty space from one section -about 760px wide- to another. A menu with cardinal numbers (that let display the name of section on the left) under the strip scroll it placing the chosen section […]


First Flash site here, Biok displays a static page with some sections (with a low quantity of text) scrolling inside. Instead of lose the content of the previous page after a refresh (or better the change of the flash layer) the menu under the header allows so to navigate in a complete “overview” of what […]

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