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Sandra Wiegard

The sites that follow the horizontal way could find in Javascript a good allied in the search of a better usability. In Sandra Wiegard’s web home there are two examples of this: the implementations are not unobtrusive, but remain interesting. 1)The scrolling of the four pages is accompanied by a menu on the top of […]


Vault49’s site is a piece of pure art inserted in a HTML+CSS (all in one! with very old inline properties and obsolete maps and fonts tags) page displaying big images spaced out by four text section like the “portfolio”-a big div with links inside opening popups-and the “news”,a div that face to a big problem […]

Self-Growth (CZG)

The fourth CZG horizontal design use (this time too) absolute position to place, under the title, two text sections in the header div and four ones (with the same height but diffent width) side by side under an inline menu and before the three other menu lists.

Kottke’s Portfolio

The Jason Kottke’s Portfolio is an XHTML page that position its content side by side, at the same distance, using the foundamental (for the horizontal way , but not only) CSS float property. This content is composed (except the last three text-only divs) by equally width & height boxes divided in a description part (a […]

HoriZental (CZG)

Like the two previous CSS design from CZG, the text colums that contains the demostrative sections are putted in the template with an absolute position. 1/2 difference: the distance of this colums from the top of page (few pixels for the even ones, about half of the page’s height for the odd). 2/2 difference is […]


Unbury from the Web Archive limbo, the nDroid could be one of the first sites with horizontal layout ever appaired (the Archive shows 2000’s pages). The pixel-build fantasy of its creator illustrates a in a panoramic context – a very strange wide house – an harlequin mix of text and images that let ask ourself: […]

Pret-a-porter (CZG)

The second (CSS, naturally) extract from the CZG. There aren’t so much layout differents from the previous: the sbs colums – that uses a CSS position:absolute property – this time are more thin and the last section is wider then the others to be tall as the others. A big image, tall as the page, […]

What Lies Beneath (CZG)

The first CSS site presented in this blog is the first of 8 horizontal design featured in the legendary CSS Zen Garden (from now CZG). One of the caratheristic of this project is that the text, only demonstrative, never will be changed and so there aren’t problems with the growth of DIVs height as with […]

Return this;

What metaphisical first entry…Like when “A List Apart” speaks about ‘Lists’: that’s amazing.

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