SXSW - South by Southwest 10th Web Awards Winner - Best CSS


Particular of Vault49 siteVault49’s site is a piece of pure art inserted in a HTML+CSS (all in one! with very old inline properties and obsolete maps and fonts tags) page displaying big images spaced out by four text section like the “portfolio”-a big div with links inside opening popups-and the “news”,a div that face to a big problem of the horizontal way: the “dynamic” lenght of the text. IOW, the text which the developer can’t know the height at the creation of the code: it is insterted here in a div with overflow:auto displaying a vertical bar to scroll the content.

People speaks one times

  1. Pasquin o Panfleto | The Horizontal Way - SXSW Winner - an horizontal showcase for horizontal scrolling websites, by Marco Rosella, the :

    […] the artwork with on the right a div with text content, a div for comments with vertical bar (see here), and a div with form for comments -all tall about 510px. An horizontal menu with hidden items is […]

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