SXSW - South by Southwest 10th Web Awards Winner - Best CSS

The 'tables' category


The alternative rock band Soulwax (also knew as the mashup patriarchs 2 many DJ’s) shows in its web space how a problem like the one seen in the last post could be used to extend the originality purpose of an horizontal site, playing with vertical scrollbars, widths and both text and images content. Very unusable, […]

Japi Honoo

Although is build with a nested table layout, the site of the designer Japi Honoo shows well one of the main problem (1,2) of the horizontal way: every section has a fixed width an height, so if the text inside is taller than the container an uneasy vertical scrollbar is displayed on the right.

Tentacle Eye

Like the other portfolios already seen, Tentacle Eye is a (french) long collection of artworks and photoes with same height and different width placed side by side in a nested table layout. The first section, dedicated to news, display a vertical bar to scroll the content; a vertical bar is displayed, unfortunately, in the entire […]


A thin blue line drawn by a biro guide the Nana website ’s user to do an horizontal tour along what this clothing shop offer and feedbacks all displayed in a series of images. (unhappily insterted in old nested table tags…this is real vintage style)

Bluesfear Worm

The ‘side by side images’, a constant of the horizontalway, aren’t only pictures placed one near the previous: they sometimes describe a journey, an evolution, a step-by-step in a long walking towards right ( = the end or the next page?). The Bluesfear Worm explode in the first screenshot ready to show this infinite mutation, […]

Shin Tanaka

“Custom Designed Paper Model Collection” by Shin Tanaka is another nested table showcase of artworks that display them in a series of side-by-side images with same height and width, with below the related title and designer/writer’s logo.

Meghan Petersen

The second photographic portfolio presented is the one by Meghan Petersen: a very long collection of pictures with equal height but different width placed -this time too- side by side in a nested table layout inserted in a (please don’t copy this) HTML frame. The gallery is accompanied by another frame on the top that […]


As we saw in the photographic example, an horizontal layout could be an original way to create a design portfolio. It’s the case of the guys of Sonido, who use an old nested table to place a very wide image where the transition from a section of a page to an other is very pleasant. […]

Eolo Perfido

Eolo Perfido is a good example of how the horizontal layouting can help photography to show its best in the web world. Portfolio’s pages displays a series of equal height and equal width phographaps inserted side by side in table layout, and includes a simple menu on the left to switch over the other horizontal […]

Dmitry Kirsanov Studio

The Dmitry Kirsanov Studio’s website – horizontal version born in 2002 – represents its contents with an old nested table layout divided horizontally in two parts: in the part below a title and image represent several projects, in the part above a small text completes the description. In some page, like “Our offer” these paragraphs […]

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