SXSW - South by Southwest 10th Web Awards Winner - Best CSS

Japi Honoo

JapiHonoo websiteAlthough is build with a nested table layout, the site of the designer Japi Honoo shows well one of the main problem (1,2) of the horizontal way: every section has a fixed width an height, so if the text inside is taller than the container an uneasy vertical scrollbar is displayed on the right.

People speaks one times

  1. Soulwax/2manydjs | The Horizontal Way – SXSW Winner - an horizontal showcase for horizontal scrolling websites, by Marco Rosella, the :

    […] as the mashup patriarchs 2 many DJ’s) shows in its web space how a problem like the one seen in the last post could be used to extend the originality purpose of an horizontal site, playing with vertical […]

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