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Modular People fast return into the old nested table layout. Modular People plays for me the ideal horizontal way: a low quantity of text and a big images. Interesting are the vertical menu -tall as the page- at the end/right of the site, with internal links that carry to the sections; these are composed by a title on the top with below an image, a group of images with a description on the right or a form.

What Lies Beneath (CZG)

css1.gifThe first CSS site presented in this blog is the first of 8 horizontal design featured in the legendary CSS Zen Garden (from now CZG). One of the caratheristic of this project is that the text, only demonstrative, never will be changed and so there aren’t problems with the growth of DIVs height as with a dinamic page.
This text is divided in five (as the number of sections) boxes with equally width and at an equally distance from the top of page: with menu, summary and footer links they are placed side by side with an CSS absolute positioning.

Blue Vertigo’s Resources

Blue VertigoA very long collection of interesting web design resources, subvided in chapters. The code (composed by frames, table layout, not standard list) must be traduct from scratch in XHTML + CSS, but the alternation of titles and lists, that are disposed in multi-colums way, is interesting as the fixed footer for the site menu and the small javascript that allow – Opera excluded -a mouse scrolling as with a vertical page.

Flight To

flight.gifChris Guest had the good idea to use an horizontal web page to dispose his original art work composed by a long series of images placed side by side, putting a long description of the project under them. This text is divided in equally small paragraphs inserted in colums with also equally height and width: this is due to the use of table layout, that cause, however the same large series of problems as in vertical scrolling sites.

Return this;

The Horizontal WayWhat metaphisical first entry…Like when “A List Apart” speaks about ‘Lists’: that’s amazing.

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About this project

The Horizontal Way is the showcase for those particular sites that display its content in horizontal either vertical direction.
Turn to Horizontal is an original, but still rare, solution to display in one (or sometimes more) page a low quantity of text and big images like does, for example, portfolios or design publications. Every short review is focused to enlight layout and communication aspects [including some ideas from obsolete don't try this at home! nested tables ones ] I (Marco Rosella) found interesting for the creation of an 'ideal' horizontal website. In March 2007 this site won the SXSW Web Award as "Best CSS".

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